Event Management

Event Management

Managing traffic and pedestrians is one of the most important aspects of a successful event, not just from a safety point of view, but because it creates a lasting impression of how well the event was planned and managed, and has an impact on the likelihood future events being permitted.

Visitors, local residents and transport providers along routes and in areas around a major event rely on temporary traffic measures being well-planned, clearly signposted and efficiently managed.

Event staff are likely to be in constant contact with members of the public,whether in vehicles or on foot, we ensure our operatives are able to deal appropriately with people in situations where there are large crowds or combinations of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


Event Staffing:


We provide experienced operatives for:

  • Traffic Stewards within event arena
  • Traffic Management on live carriageways
  • Car Park Marshalling
  • Stewarding and Crowd Control