About us

Our clients use our services because they know that they can trust us to supply the people they need, with the appropriate training, certification and level of commitment, where they need them – anywhere in the UK.

All our senior management team all have industry specific experience in Traffic Management, Event Management and/or Construction, so we know what’s important to our clients on the ground, and how to meet your needs.

We understand the impact that it has on our clients if our operatives fail to turn up for work, are unavailable or are unsuitable for the job due to in sufficient training or failure to comply with working time protocols.

That’s why we work hard to ensure our workforce are ready and available for work when you need them, and understand the importance of reliability and professionalism at all times. We have zero tolerance for no shows and anyone who is not up to the task; we will remove them from our database if this happens.

Our rigorous registration process ensures that all our operatives have been fully vetted and are equipped to work on site. We conduct stringent employment checks, licence checks and qualification card checks to ensure compliancy with the relevant industry standards.

Clearway Traffic Solutions will deliver the team of trained and committed people that you need to ensure that your highway maintenance, event or construction site runs smoothly and to plan.

Health and Safety

We are fully committed to ensuring the maximum levels of Health and Safety for our workers, your team members and the general public, and provide access to regular annual Safety Critical Medicals through national laboratories and relevant industry training.

We can provide valid certificates confirming that operatives are free of drugs and alcohol if required. We outsource D&A testing to experienced laboratories, and are able to carry out tests in any UK location. In the event of an incident or accident, we have a two-hour on-site for cause testing. D & A testing meets HE requirements.